Wild Boar (sus scrofa), Forest of Dean

This shot (taken in March) is dedicated to two determined friends who travelled 100+ miles today with the hope of seeing wild boar with me. We found two sounders (much to my relief!), and despite being pretty close to both groups, the views weren't great and pretty short (sorry guys). At least there was time for a few snaps and it was a great day to be out. Plenty photographers in the forest today, and it was scorching.
There's at least two more piglets in the background on this picture. The two mothers were nearby, right of shot, with the less adventurous youngsters.

Female adder

Female adder, Forest of Dean, originally uploaded by Ben909.

Another adder, photographed last week in the forest.

Wasted Opportunity (male adder)

I'm still kicking myself about this shot. I messed up. I'd taken a few shots of the adder as he basked motionless in the sun. Then just as I finished and moved back a little, he did a huge yawn, revealing those fangs. By the time I'd found him again in the viewfinder he'd started to close his mouth (it was wider than this!), and my aperture setting was inadequate. One of those shots that look great on the little preview on the camera, but result in disappointment as soon as they're reviewed later.


[untitled], originally uploaded by Ben909.

I can't think of a title. I must have no end of photos called 'Fallow Deer'. At least this one's a bit different. It's one of a small herd that was grazing on a long clearing for the power lines in the forest.