Wood Mouse video

Wood Mouse video, originally uploaded by Ben909.

Another attempt at video, this time on a tiny wood mouse. Wood mice inhabit forests, grasslands, and cultivated fields. Almost entirely nocturnal and terrestrial, wood mice burrow extensively, build nests of plants and live in buildings during harsh seasons. While foraging, wood mice pick up and distribute visually conspicuous objects, such as leaves and twigs, which they then use as landmarks during exploration.
All according to Wikipedia, of course.

Red Fox

Red Fox, Forest of Dean, originally uploaded by Ben909.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago. He appeared right at the end of the track as a mere speck, and I hit the deck under an overhanging gorse bush, hoping it would continue along the track. There was time to rattle off a few shots, but it heard the shutter and then spotted a tiny bit of movement, and ran.

Wild Boar video

Wild Boar video - re-uploaded, originally uploaded by Ben909.

I shot this a couple of evenings ago. The camera-work is pretty shaky. All these boar in the video are maybe two to three months or so old, still stripy and pretty small. The parent sow is further away out of shot throughout the video. When the piglets get my scent they run in her direction at the end. I definitely need some practice at shooting steady video!

Leucistic Fallow Deer

This is a pretty rare sight in the Forest of Dean, so I was pleased to see it today. The shot has been quite heavily cropped. If I'd made an attempt to get closer, it would have bolted. I got a number of shots of it, but the rest are fairly 'samey'. I'm hoping this bodes well for the weekend, as it's been a pretty quiet week as far as the wildlife is concerned.

Short wild boar video

Short wild boar video, originally uploaded by Ben909.

I'd finished taking some photos of this wild boar last night, and decided to try the video function of the new camera while it munched on something it had unearthed. Considering the poor light, and my complete inability to operate the video properly, it wasn't too bad for a first go. It's only a few seconds long as my CF card was full!

Wild Boar

Wild Boar, originally uploaded by Ben909.

Photographed in the Forest a couple of evenings ago. I'm so grateful for the lighter evenings now!