Wild boar video

A video of a sounder of six wild boar in the forest, including a particularly large male.

Beyond Dreams

Beyond Dreams, originally uploaded by Ben Locke (Ben909).

This was taken from the rock shelves of the River Severn at Awre on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean during sunset.

Roe Deer

Roe Deer, Forest of Dean, originally uploaded by Ben909.

This roe buck was photographed in the Forest of Dean after an already successful day looking for adders and wild boar. Although the roe is by no means rare, it's rare to see them here in the Forest of Dean so I was particularly pleased to see this one.

FOD Visitor Guide

FOD Visitor Guide, originally uploaded by Ben909.

A couple of wild boar piglets that I photographed last year, now being used for the cover of the 2012 Forest of Dean Visitor Guide.

Spring 2012 Wild Boar Piglets

Spring 2012 Wild Boar Piglets, originally uploaded by Ben909.

It's been a while since I posted anything to the blog. I've found 3 different groups of wild boar with piglets so far this year. This shot was taken last week. I was going to go out again today, but after a week of warm(ish) sunny days, it's now snowing!