Stevie gets a nose tickle

This is Rob Ward meeting Stevie Wonder. You may remember Stevie from a couple of posts I made last month (click here for pics). He's a wild boar that has been given a home by Alastair from Severnwye Llama Trekking. Stevie is virtually blind, and as a result he stood no chance of survival in the wild. He couldn't even get a look in on his mothers milk as a youngster. Now two years old, he's continuing to do very well indeed in Alastair's care.
I went inside Stevie's pen with him for a bit, and Rob's fingers are still very much intact. Contrary to what you might have been lead to believe in the press, or from scaremongers, these are not savage beasts - just very much misunderstood. I'd have been far more cautious entering a pen containing a cow! That said though, they are large wild and powerful wild animals, and should not be approached in the wild (or have their noses tickled!)

This second image is the result of a bit of fun with Photoshop.

I've posted a number of wild boar (in the wild in the Forest of Dean) photos in the past too, which you can reach here. And do check out Rob's Forest of Dean Wildlife blog too - there are some first class photos on there :)

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