Badger (Meles Meles Meles)

Badger (Meles Meles Meles), originally uploaded by Ben909.

Seems a while since I've posted a badger photo, so um, here's a badger photo. Unfortunately it's not a recent one (note the lack of snow). There are prints around this small set in the Forest of Dean though, so hopefully they're all doing ok in this harsh winter.
Many species have repetition in their scientific name (e.g dama dama - fallow deer, vulpes vulpes - red fox). The western European badger is known as Meles Meles Meles meaning it's of the Meles genus (badger), and the Meles species epithet (european), and the Meles sub-species epithet (western european)... which loosely gives me the opportunity to link to the funniest and most confusing page I've found on Wikipedia, which has nothing at all to do with badgers. (Can you tell I've run out of things to say about badgers?)

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