Wild Boar - A Revisted Encounter

Wild Boar - A Revisted Encounter, originally uploaded by Ben909.

I've never double-posted before, but I was looking back and decided that the processing on this was overdone last time. Considering the effort I went to to get this shot I thought it was worth revisiting it. It was shot in pitch black somewhere in the middle of the Forest of Dean and was the culmination of a lot of time and patience spent observing the boar in that area last year. One of the first things a wild boar will want to do when it wakes up for the evening is to have a good wallow. They'll then rub much of the mud off again on a nearby tree trunk, but not all of it as you can see here! I think this version looks more natural - just a slight amount of 'fill light' in Photoshop to bring out a bit more detail. My last sighting was 3 or 4 days ago. I was getting concerned about the lack of evidence of young boar this year, but am finally getting reports of sightings. It shouldn't be long until I can catch up with them :)

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